Sunday, June 12, 2011

Medical Marijuana, Learn to Grow Your Own

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Marijuana for medicinal reasons is a topic I’m sure we have all come to notice recently, given the constant protests and ambiguous laws in the media coverage. Most recently dispensaries have come under fire and many have been forced to close until the laws can be clarified. This leaves many patients who are legally prescribed and registered in their states, without means to get their medicine unless they grow their own, or turn to the illegal back-alley pharmacist. Many states do allow a caregiver to grow or assist in growing the plant for the client. This is often the only method that patients can acquire medical marijuana somewhat “legally”.

Marijuana is found to be beneficial in many illnesses, especially those with neuropathic pain. In cases where you have traumatic pain that is acute and isolated, a prescribed pharmaceutical pain medication may help to give you relief. However in instances of neuropathic pain which is often brought on by illness, the brain is sending out constant pain signals to the nerves starting in your hands and feet and you may not get relief even if you were prescribed opiates for pain management.

Currently, the least frowned on method for acquiring medical marijuana is to grow your own. Citizens in Arizona are offering “classes” on doing it properly. The class offers a full curriculum and help with filling out paperwork. They are not alone in the effort to educate home-growers. Several states have classes being offered. Some are free, and some are using this as a money making venture. Some classes in Michigan have been noted with entrance fees at or above $475.00.

Gone is the notion that you can hang tin foil in your closet with a light bulb and grow huge plants with a snap of your fingers. It has become a true science and with proper seed and education on how to grow for higher THC content, patients are able to make “cocktails” that allow the individual the level of relief they need. Marijuana can be a picky plant and without the proper education it could be very difficult for a patient to grow correctly and produce plants offering the content they need. A class which teaches the valid key points to growing effectively will help patients remain legal, and allow medical marijuana to reach those who are in need. With the intention of the access to marijuana being relief for the patients, this education is a good thing and will continue to keep money out of illegal hands.

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