Friday, June 17, 2011

70 Year old woman convicted in Marijuana charges

In a further example of what a circus our “War on Drugs” has become, a 70 year old former police dispatcher of Lake Orion, is now a felon and could face 4 years of prison for having 19 plants for her own usage while working at a dispensary as a receptionist. Let me tell you how protected I feel by my government now that Grandma is to be locked away.

Let’s point out that she was convicted of growing the marijuana, not using it. Makes a whole lot of sense right?

During the trial the judge didn’t allow the mention of the state’s legal medicinal marijuana. Speculation is that it was disallowed because her 19 plants would still be above the states’ limit, therefore by breaking the limit, she had no medical marijuana defense in the eyes of the law.

Several attorneys who are not directly involved with the case have stated that after reviewing the facts of the case, it would appear it will be most likely be turned over in appeals court. Which equals a great big old waste of money for the state just to prove a point.

The war on drugs is an epic failure. Everyone knows it, we can only wonder how and when it will be cleaned up. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has issued approximately 75,521 Medical Marijuana Patient Cards out of the 137,000 original and renewal applications it has received. At the same general time period in Michigan, a judge ordered 8 people who were involved with a medical marijuana clinic in Detroit to face drug charges.

Many people are going into our jail systems due to trying to decipher the enigmatic laws our governments are putting out. While at the same time violent offenders are being released due to over population.

Something to think about today, how does a rapist or violent assaulter walk from jail in basically the same amount of time as someone who is sent to jail for trying to relieve their pain in their own home, not hurting anyone and offering to pay taxes on it?   Please share your thoughts and comments! 


  1. The federal government needs to clarify its position on medical marijuana immediately. It's so confusing. No one seems to know what you can and can't do or what is acceptable and what isn't. And then it not only varies by state, it depends on the community! We'll surely see more of these types of stories in the future until the government comes out with a clear position.

    Chris, Dispensary Business News

  2. Absolutely Chris, I agree they need clarification severely. It almost verges on entrapment when the public is told they are doing the legal option, then they are told the same week it is no longer legal and face charges. I would sure like to see our government monies spent in better ways, our nation needs so much at this time. The laws are being written in such deceptive ways it leaves John Q. Citizen between a rock and a hard place.

    Meanwhile, people are hurting and denied relief. Everyone seems to have forgotten the medical reasons these people NEED this to be resolved.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Its shocking that 70 Year old woman convicted for Marijuana charge.

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